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Thursday, November 03, 2005

woow first post ... so what can i tell you all , first i will tell you little about my self, I'm a Information Security expert for about 10 years now, I worked in a few big security companies, however the majority of my work I did in 3 small startups that develop Security software.
I my self have a from Mercy College and new i'm starting to study for an MBA from Touro university , I also held CISSP and CISM certification.

My blog will be only about Information security and Security software mainly for the Home users, and ways to keep your Home computer Secure, each week I will Review a new Security software, the review will be very technical and will give also scoring in 6 different categories:
Overall Feeling, Customer Support, Value for the money, Product's ease of use, Ease of installation ,Product website, Reliability (Scoring will be on Scoring will be on scale of 1 - 10) , in addition the Review will also check the Secuirty of the Software using 15 Security tests.

Part of that I will post many info about computer Security issue ...

so stand tune .... but now I'm going to see some sport and then Sleep .. I'm dead tired




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I think i have a virus or hijacker or something in my computer as for the past few weeks every website i go on has the same advertisment whereever the advertisments are its for pills. Also when i search for something on like gooogle ect or anything and i click on something like a link it dosent bring up the right link half of the time. I have been trying to do a sytem restore to a point a few months ago when it was fine but when i first click on it nothing happens and so i go back in and click it again and then the window pops up but its comnpletely blank with the wee not reponding icon in the top left hand corner. I dont know what to do to make this work but i recently got nortons 360 on my laptop and ran scans and it removed threats ect but it still happens cant get restore and get thos adds and stuff. I Was told it may be a hijacker. I was wondering if it fixes and ridsit as it hasnt really done any good yet and i paid £60 for it and also how would i do it with it??? Any Ideas ***10 POINTS IF YOU CAN FIX IT****

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